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About Us

Iravani Trading Company initiated its activities in 1996. Having experienced a decade of activity in importing truck spare parts, the company conducted a long term and continuous study on the ever-expanding Iranian market and accordingly developed its activities to the import of various tubeless wheel rims of heavy and semi-heavy vehicles to Iran. Iravani Trading Company is the pioneering and by far the largest import company importing all kinds of tubeless wheel rims of heavy trucks to Iran. This company is yet the largest import and distribution company regarding steel and aluminum.

Due to good reputation and long experience of the company in importing heavy vehicle wheel rims and due to constant requests from our customers to import heavy vehicle tires, the company has expanded its scope of activities to include tires as well.

It should be noted that all the items imported by Iravani Trading Company are procured from the leading factories in the world and with the finest quality meeting international standards. We deem it our duty to provide our customers with the best quality to satisfy their needs.

Iravani Trading Company is registered as PERSHIN IRAVINI by the State Civil Status Registry of Iran.